Wiccan Lesson Plan

EDITED 4/18/2014:  This website was originally meant to chronicle my own personal journey through a lesson plan I designed to get me “back to basics”. I created it probably about a year ago and a lot has gone on! I have decided to change the focus of the website, but felt this could provide a good outline for someone looking to create or follow their own lesson plan. It wasn’t so much geared toward learning the basics as taking the principles deeper, but I feel it could be applied to either a novice practitioner or advanced. For this reason I am keeping it up as a point of reference for those interested.


Wiccan Lesson Plan
A Year and a Day
This is the detailed version of the lesson plan I intend on following. There are probably going to be changes, possible additions and deletions, and order changes depending on what I feel works. Are you going to follow along with me?

Daily meditations
Different types of meditations with feedback

This was just too hard to accomplish with two (three) children living in the house. I have decided to succumb to the mess and move on.
Week One-Clutter Clearing and Junk removal
Week Two- Deep cleaning
Week Three- Spiritual Cleansing
Week Four- Areas of Special concern, i.e. front door, hearth, etc.


Month 3: HEALING
Keep Journal for 1 Week on Sleep/Food and Emotional/Physical Impact
Alternative Medicine Research
Chakra/Aura work as it applies to health/well-being

Examine altars; assess and make changes if needed
Create/finish tools
Clean and rededicate altars
Tool Consecration

Decide on Patrons (if you haven’t already—I already have them)
Read Myths on Patron God and Goddess
Take notes on what they like and best way to honor them
One week of daily devotions to Goddess and God each

Week 1: Ready, study, meditate and practice calling Air
Week 2: Earth
Week 3: Fire
Week 4: Water
Full Moon: Full ritual with quarter calls

Month 7: TAROT
Intensive one month of study
Two Readings for clients/friends per week
Collect Feedback on readings

Month 8: AURAS
Work on studying and repairing my Aura
Work on seeing other’s Auras

Study Spirit Guides
Work to contact and record progress

 Month 10: HERBS
Study common herbs for medicinal and magical purposes
Make oil, incense, sachets, tinctures, and brews

What do YOU think I should do?! Send me an email with your idea. Inaralyn@yahoo.com

What do you think of the plan? Are you going to follow along with me? Leave a comment and let me know! Plus, feel free to subscribe below to get updates to my blog via email.

<3Blessed Be,
Inara Lyn

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